Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Shower Decorations

Baby showers are a great place for ladies to let loose and socialize. There’s the beverages, the food, the games, and their friends. The person with the most responsibility is the hostess, who has to arrange a venue for this party as well as decorate.

Usually someone close to the mother hosts the baby shower. Sometimes these are unisex events where the men are invited too, but these are usually primarily hen gatherings. The mom to be shows up glowing, or sometimes the party is hosted after the couple has the baby.

There are many great ideas for baby shower decorations, and you can be as creative as possible when it comes to decore. Sometimes, homemade decorations are nice as the mother will put them in the nursery after her baby is born. These should probably be made of sturdy materials because otherwise they might be discarded. It’s also difficult to know if the mother really will value homemade things for more than just one night. Usually, parents that are big into the environment or who are super busy will keep nice homemade ornaments. But if a family is very particular, then the decorations might be immortalized only in Facebook land but discarded at the end of the night in the real world.

A Great Idea

One good idea is for the host to ask her guests to come early with a homemade decoration. Then everyone helps assemble the place, and the host can tell her guests that there will be lots of rewards for the best decoration with prizes. Then, once the mother arrives, she can be the judge of which decoration wins for certain categories. This is a fun way to engage all the guests in the decoration making process. It will also ensure that the efforts do not go to vain as the mother will be thoroughly inspecting all of the creations. These homemade decorations can be part of the gift, but also the hostess can use all the money she saves on decorations to get some great prizes.

Since the hostess is such a large part of the success of the event, she can be excused from giving a gift for the baby. Her gift will be planning the event and the decorations. If the guests are not bringing a decoration each, then they should be in charge of food. Then the hostess can shop at the dollar store for decorations and also afford to give the mother a gift.

People sometimes go overboard for just one night. While that is really nice, it is not necessary. Most of the time the mother will just remember the gifts she gets and all the help it provided her in beginning her life.


However, there are some friends that seem to host a lot of showers. Then it is understandable that they would invest in nice decorations and reuse them for the next party. This can be a nice way of blessing the mothers in a girl’s life. You should enjoy decorating either way because there are many cute items out there to brighten up a venue.

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