Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

It seems like all of us have been to boring baby showers. The hosts ask you to bring a set of dessert squares or appetizers, and to also bring a gift. The whole point of a baby shower is to get good gifts it seems. But it can be an insufferable task to attend acquaintances’ baby shower after baby shower so you can stand in line to give them a gift.

Is that All There is To a Baby Shower?

Doesn’t anyone have any original baby shower ideas these days? Well, a lot of women make these parties so fun for their friends without a lot of planning. It just takes a generous spirit on behalf of the host to make it fun.

Let’s get Krunk, or Not

For starters, everyone likes beverages. But make sure the beverages are not all alcoholic. No one likes attending a baby shower when everyone around them is getting drunk. A host should consider that some luxury beverages, like milkshakes and coffee, should be offered to guests who are tee totalers.

Shell Out Some Surprises

Another baby shower idea is to buy small gifts for the guests and then play party games where they can win them. Honestly, even if these prizes are from the dollar store, it is still nice to have fun winning something. Every guest wants to feel appreciated since they are shelling out $25 to $50 to help the parents get started with their new life post baby. A lot of hosts have busy lives and are either the best friend, parent or the sister of the mom to be. No one wants to search high and low for party games that have soothers and diapers in the mix.

People should play a party game that the crowd will enjoy. One good idea is to play Bingo. Everyone likes vying for bingo prizes. Or the guests could play trivial pursuit, yatzee, or pictionary. The choice of game should be crowd dependent. If the host only invited close friends and family, then a longer game is okay. However, if every acquaitance in the parent’s Facebook was invited, then maybe stick to tiny games like one line Bingo.

Snack Time

Be mindful of the time of day that people are coming over. If it is right after supper, then desserts are fine to provide. And of course the host can ask people to bring food, but just keep in mind, it should be kept to one course if this is the case. And the people that are being asked to bring food should be limited to the mom’s close circle. There is nothing worse than too many treats that no one eats. Also, let the guests know what type of snack will be provided so they actually eat something from the table. A proper host is organized and doesn’t take advantage of people’s hard work.

Picture Time

It is always nice to have someone from the group who takes pictures for the Mom. These are nice baby shower ideas that the parent will probably want to post on Instagram with the caption- ‘look how nice everyone treated me”.

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