Best Baby Bottles

Best Baby Bottles

Congrats! You’ve purchased everything from the crib to the embroidered plush blanket. Baby shopping was great fun and the baby shower that your friends put on was very interesting. Now you’re starting to realize that baby has to do more than sleep, giggle, and look cute. This kid’s gotta eat! Shopping for baby bottles seems like it should be simple, right? Unfortunately, it can be quite a task. Even the suggestions from a doctor or nurse can still be mind-boggling. Searching online can feel like looking for a contact lens in Lake Superior. Considering factors like price, health concerns, quality, and durability takes a decent amount of research. Comparing and contrasting the positives and negatives of the product takes understanding those positives and negatives. Learning how to shop for baby bottles will prevent overthinking and overpaying.

Look Out, Baby!

There are a few things to avoid when browsing the web or the baby aisle for bottles. Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a toxic substance that has been used in plastics since the 1960s. Researchers have proven that this substance can seep into foods or liquids that are in bottles or containers made with BPA. Heating the bottle increases the risk and effects. Also, steer clear of bottles that are likely to trap air, which causes gas in the little one. Although there are ways to eliminate trapped air in bottles, like the drop-in liners, you still don’t want cheap, poor-quality bottles for someone of such importance. Finding the perfect bottle that isn’t an air-trapper and is BPA-free is only a part of it. The nipple should be even-flowing or controlled. The baby should not have to work so hard for his food nor should the milk be entering his mouth quicker than he can taste it.

Nice Nice Baby

With so many well-known brands and the advertising that pushes them, we expect for products to perform as promised. When it comes to things for our babies and children, we want the best of the best. It is important to connect to a brand and company that you can trust. Online reviews from other mothers can be very helpful. A store’s website or a site like with hundreds or more customer reviews are good and honest opinions from real people. So you want a great bottle for your baby that won’t cost you a Kate Spade bag? I’ve got your back.

Here are this year’s top baby bottles chosen by parents, according to I must say that I agree with each and every one.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Bottle

  • Reduces colic and gas
  • A “no vacuum” design
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA free

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Feeding Bottles

  • Soft silicone nipple mimics natural breast
  • Sensitive valve eliminates excess air flow
  • Easy to use
  • BPA free

Philips Avent Natural or Classic Feeding Bottles

  • Anti-colic valves
  • Soft, flexible nipple aids in natural latch
  • No nipple confusion with transitioning from breast to bottle
  • BPA free

Medela Calma Breastmilk Bottle

  • Easiest for pumping and storing
  • Flow control valve
  • Mimics breastfeeding
  • Made without BPA 

Playtex Nurser with Drop-In Liners

  • Sure way to reduce gas and colic
  • Sterilized, disposable liners
  • Super easy clean up
  • No concerns of BPA

Tip: Try finding sales and coupons for baby bottles to lower prices.

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