Best Baby Monitor

Best Baby Monitor

With houses getting bigger and life more frenzied, baby monitors have become a necessity. New parents can’t even imagine not having one. It helps you get some peaceful sleep knowing that you will be able to hear any sound the baby makes, well – until the baby wakes you up.

While there are plenty of baby monitors out there, you need to know which one is the right one for you. We will help you make the process a lot easier. We offer some of the best baby video monitors you can get today. Here is a look at some of the baby video monitor features that you will love.

Top Things to Look For In a Baby Monitor

When you are browsing through our site to find the perfect baby monitor for you, these are some of the things that you need to keep in mind.

There are so many different kinds of monitors available in the market ranging from $40 to $150; as a new parent it can be difficult to choose. Here are some features you need to focus on when you pick out a baby monitor:

Range: Especially if you have a bigger house, you will need a monitor which has a larger range, ie the maximum distance between the parent unit and the baby unit to get accurate signal. Some baby monitors boast of high ranges up to 600, but the smart thing to do here is pick a monitor, which has an out-of-range indicator.

Interference: Your baby monitor can be affected by interferences from your phone or any other baby monitor that your neighbour has. Digital monitors are better at avoiding interference as compared to the analogue one – or you could pick a monitor with a frequency higher than 900 MHz and that will reduce interference.

Consider a Video Monitor: With a video monitor you can happily watch your baby sleep peacefully. Make sure you get one with an appropriate screen size and it should have good low-light picture quality.

Low Battery indicator: This is a very important feature which will remind you to charge recharge the monitor. You will know just when to charge the baby monitor so that you do not lose sight of your little one any time.

Sound Activated light: Sometimes, you could be on a phone call or vacuuming your house and may not hear the receiver go off. Having a model which flashes light can be pretty useful.

Signal: Test the signal of the monitor. A recommended model would be one with a digital system which reduces static from radios and interference.

Temperature measurement: As new parents, you can’t help but worry about every little thing. In that case you might as well want a monitor which is temperature or humidity sensitive, so your baby is comfortable.

Apart from all these features, you could also check online for reviews and decide which brand you can go for.

You can browse through some of our best baby monitors and choose The one you would like. Just check if it has all The features that we discussed above.

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