How Much Weight Do You Lose After Giving Birth

How Much Weight Do You Lose After Giving Birth

Birth is an exciting time. After all the discomfort and pain of delivery, you can finally have your newborn to take home. Women are also happy that they will finally get back to their original size again. But many still wonder- how much weight do you lose after giving birth?

Well first off, the woman will lose some weight during the birth. The baby and the placenta now become external to the woman. This might be up to a ten pound loss right there. Then, the amniotic sac has also been broken, and when that breaks, then water is loss as well. This could easily count as another 5 pounds. The labor itself is a time where the body is just getting rid of weight like crazy, and the entire process could shave off another 3 to 5 pounds because the mother typically does not eat a lot in the first few days after delivery. She probably isn’t caring too much about the scale anyways the first week after her baby is born.

How much weight do you lose?

But then the mother is home and still feeling a little pregnant even though she is not. Then she again will wonder- how much weight do you lose after giving birth? This question does not have easy answers. Sometimes women lose a lot of weight after birth, like the celebrity Blanc China. But that doesn’t mean that the weight will just melt off after pregnancy. Sometimes a woman remains bloated for several weeks while the body reaclimatizes to normalacy.

However, this is now a new normal. A woman will be lactating, so her body will have high levels of the hormone prolactin. Breast feeding is actually an excellent phase in terms of weight control. Women lose weight during this first month very rapidly as the body is producing a lot more water weight to be excreted as milk. Women can expect to lose 10 to 15 pounds in this first month. This is a lot better than a typical weight loss plan because the body is simply rebalancing itself and major deprivation is not required. The mother will be staying up late to feed the baby or babies, and might be quite sore from the pregnancy. Her body needs this time to rejuvinate and equilibriate. This phase might last for two months, so the weight loss will be spread out a little thinner.

After 3 Months

After three months, the mother should have lost 28 to 35 pounds since she was nine months pregnant. This is a lot of weight, but keep in mind that woman can gain up to one hundred pounds during their pregnancy. That amount of weight gain is unhealthy considering that the mother is left with 65 unwanted pounds. However, each woman’s body is different and it is better to put on a lot of weight during pregnancy than to be dealing with an unhealthy pregnancy and a malnourished child.

Women who are concerned with their weight should consult the doctor regarding this issue throughout the pregnancy. Each body type is different, and every woman has a varied metabolism and health issues that might make them prone to weight gain or weight loss.

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