How To Swaddle A Baby

How To Swaddle A Baby

Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy. One thing that every parent needs to know when they have a newborn baby to care for is how to swaddle a baby. Newborn baby’s love to be swaddled. It makes them feel safe, secure, warm, and snuggly. Many new babies will fall fast to sleep as soon as mommy swaddles them in a warm cozy blanket. Another reason to swaddle a baby is if they are colicky. Swaddling a colicky baby will soothe the child and help him or her to calm down and eventually fall asleep.

If this is your first child, you may not know how to swaddle a baby. A nurse at the hospital will most likely show you how to swaddle your newborn. Although, as a new mother, there are so many other things going on that you might need a refresher. Here we will discuss exactly how to swaddle a baby. It is easy to learn. Plus, it is simple to do yourself.

10 Simple Steps To Swaddle A Baby

You have to choose the blanket you are going to use. It should be lightweight. You don’t want a big bulky blanket that your baby is going to feel smothered in or start to sweat. You want something light and big enough. Be sure your baby is comfortable and happy. Your baby should feel secure and cuddled. FYI, you can buy blankets specifically for swaddling so you are certain to choose the right one.

  1. Lay the blanket in a diamond shape on a flat and firm surface.
  1. Fold the top of the blanket down so, the blanket looks like an upside down triangle.
  1. Lay the baby on the blanket. Shoulders aligned with the top, straight part. You want the baby’s feet facing the point of the triangle,
  1. Take one corner of the blanket and cross it snuggly across the baby’s body. Be careful not to cover your baby’s face. The blanket should be just below her chin. This gives her plenty of room to breathe and to move her head if she chooses too.
  1. Take the end of the side you folded over the baby and tuck it snugly behind the baby’s back. It should be snug and secure, covering the baby’s arm, and tightly fitted under her back. The baby’s arm on the side the blanket is tucked under should still be exposed. She needs to feel safe and comfortable. Don’t have it so tight that you’re cutting off her circulation but, it should be very snug.
  1. Now, you fold the bottom of the blanket by the baby’s feet up over the baby’s body. This will cover the baby’s exposed arm and tuck it securely over the baby’s shoulder and behind her back.
  1. Then, take the side of the blanket that is remaining.
  1. Fold it across the baby’s body and tuck it underneath.
  1. It will perfectly tuck into a fold of the blanket so that the blanket is snug and secure around the baby.
  1. When properly swaddled, there will be no loose blanket ends anywhere. Your baby should be happy, not crying, and will most likely fall asleep now.


Every new born baby loves to be swaddled. It helps your baby to remain calm and still. You must remember your baby is new to this world. Any little thing can startle your new love. Being swaddled will help her not to be startled by her own reflexes. Not to mention, it is a secure feeling being all warm and cuddly just like in mama’s belly.

Babies love being swaddled for the first few days or even weeks. When your baby starts to get out of a swaddled blanket on her own. It means that it is time to stop swaddling her. But for now, a swaddled baby is a happy baby.

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