Organic Skin Care Products

Organic Skin Care Products

We know that you hear a lot about natural skin care products in advertisements and through the media. Dermatologists note that everything is a chemical, as the world is comprised of the basic elements. However, when people refer to natural, they are most likely referring to the entire compound as it appears in nature, and no one property isolated from the entire structure, such as elderflower or chamomile.

If these products are being used in skincare, then we want the to be free from other chemicals that might be used to treat the plants, such as pesticides. This is why people seek out organic skin care products, because the plants used in them have not been treated with any chemicals as they grow.

There are a lot of good organic skin care products, and some of these have a great reputation on the market. A lot of these products are located in the natural products isle in a grocery store. Others are sold by spas.

Your Preference

It is really your own preference if you want to buy organic skin care products. This usually comes down to whether you like being able to identify all the ingredients on a skin care product’s list. However, even with natural products, there will still be a few ingredients that are not recognizable unless a person really searches. But it is understandable that you would want these ingredients that are natural whole sources to be organic because no one wants pesticides and chemical fertilizers on the facial skin. These trace ingredients can be toxic to humans and cause allergies. People with sensitive and reactive skin understand that their skin is very sensitive on the face, and any irritant will not be tolerated well.

It all comes down to finding a brand that your skin agrees with, even with organic skin care products. Unfortunately, these products are not a slam dunk just by virtue of their purity as the skin could react to any of the compounds in a facial cleanser, toner, or moisturizer. So the key is to start out small with a patch test to determine if the formulation is tolerable to the skin.

Behind the Ears

The best place to do a patch test is behind the ear and especially concentrating on the skin underneath the ear lobe. Just use a moisturizer on one ear, and the cleanser on the other ear. Then wait the entire day or night to look for any reaction. The skin should feel completely comfortable and refreshed by the product. If there is itching or burning, this is a sign of allergy.

Some spas are willing to give testers given that their products are so expensive. Many of them do not have a good return policy because they try to stand behind their lines. This is not always ideal, but if you find something that works, then stick to it. At the grocery store, there are not a lot of testers but the products are cheaper. Most grocery stores will do returns if there are allergic reactions, and it is not a big loss either way because the products are affordable. So, enjoy your shopping for organic skin care products as there is a plentiful market of organic natural lines out there.

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